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Savin Hill Apartments

Savin Hill, a part of Dorchester, the largest Boston neighborhood, is home to the Savin Hill Historic District. Due an abundance of the red juniper trees known as Savin trees, this area was named Savin Hill back in 1819.

Today, Savin Hill has gone through a large scale gentrification that distinguishes it from most other parts of Dorchester. For residents, Savin Hill offers many choices to opt for including single bedroom apartments and larger homes suitable for families. Due to the convenience provided by the MBTA Red Line, the area offers a relatively faster commute to various parts of Boston and surrounding neighborhoods.

Having been registered on the National Register of Historic Places, tourists can often be seen visiting Savin Hill to enjoy the historic sites the place has to offer. This makes it an exciting property investment opportunity for those interested in owning a property that promises a solid income.

Providing our services in Savin Hill, Hillway Realty features many listings for Savin Hill apartments and homes both for sale and for rent. You can search the listings or contact Hillway Realty for more information.

102 Properties Found
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102 Properties Found
Displaying Apartments 1 - 10
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